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how you can save 50 peecent on tomorrow on fox45 morning news. 3 &pa deadly meningitis outbreak &pggowing by the day..hy it's spreading and what's being done to protect you. the orioles prepare for tonight's wildcard playoff game.the staaring pitcher who the texas rrngers.d... against ppesident obama, blastee for wednesday's debate performance. the strange explaaation being given by forrer vice presidenn al gore. 3 3 ,3 riday, october 5th.
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3 a fungal meningitis outbreak that has aaleady killed five people and infected dozens of others... could get even bigger ovvr the neet few weeks. weeks.we cculd see hundreds... perhaps even thousands of new patients right here in maryland.megan gilliland is done tooprotect you. good morning guussmoreethan 33 casessof asper-jillus an appaaently tainted rug... - in these six states.yoo can see maryland highlighted... we'vv seee one deaah so far... and a woman in havre de grace says she may have been infected as well.the problem... is that the drug was distributed o 23 states. the drug in question is used for pain relief and injected directly into officials say it is a fungal menigitis... not the more common bacterial or viral
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cases of the ddsease. kainer says: "there is not a lot of experience in tteating experts together to try to formulate what people think may be a good course of action." ied says: "we are working with these facilities to ensure that pptients are been expooed to these medicatio" medications."the new england compoonding center in massachusetts makes the drug. last week, the companyyissued a reccll and shut down production. despite theehalt in manufacturing... the outbreak is expected to grow. unlike other forms off meniigitis this form cannot be ttansmitted from person to person.i'm meganngilliland, foo45 early edition. we're learning more this morning aboot three baltimore city police officer... involved in the death of a man in their custody. custody.the officers have been identified as todd strohman, gregggboyd, and michaee vodaric. vodarick.the officers said that they caught anderson in a drug deal on seppember 21st...
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but witnesses claimed he was beaaen byypolice.thh results of an autopsy released earlier this week showed hat anderson died of blunttforce trauma... and whill strohman is a while oo duty in 2010...the ce - attorney representing the aaderson's claims he has court documents that prove offiiers &pboyd and vodarick were sued i the past for alleged misconduct: &p"this is a testament, when yo allow bad police officers on force, they shouud haae beenn accountable for tteir wrongful ctions by the baltimorr cityypolice depaatmen" deeartment" "this is a situation we've never experiinced before commissioner batts met wwth thh family and officers &pinvolved, " ""he officers have not been charged with any wronndoing. independent investigaiton... then, the ssates' attorney will decide whethhr anyy charges are filed. &pa firr in fells point ... tha
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injured a morning.the three alarm fire s - happened around 5:30, yesterday morning n fleet ssreet... nnar officials fought it froo the outsidee..because of the intense heat firefighters suffered minor injurres and one civilian had tt be evacuated from the builddng. an entire lock in east baltimore almost devoured by a large sinkhole ...faces nw problemssthis is a ánewá &psinkhole on monument street i east's about 110 peet away from the first one on that ame stteet...that opened uppin july...aad a second hole that opened up in august.the road is closed... put siiewalks are open. 3 the oioles are about to enter the orioles are the orioles are abouu to enter time in 155years. years.they'll be takiig on the pexas rangers tonight in rrle change to make the game possible.for the first time, bbseball has tww wiidcard playoff games.tonight's game in arlington will be a one
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match up with the yankeessin the divisional series. 3 3 3 &p3 3 3 3 3 veteran lefthaader joo saunders has been named thee it starts at 8:37 tonight.amm. the gradee are in... for water quality at the innerrharbor.. harbor..on thursday... environmental groups released their findings.they found that in 2010... both levels and waaer cllrity saw an improvement... but 'chlorophyll a' levels worrened.large stormssare blamed for incrrasiig leads to algae blooms and ffsh kills. halle vandergaag, blue water bbltimore: "why is there belongs. our monitorinn data doesn't just tell us about that pollution, it heeps us identify here it might be
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coming from." from."to read the full ealth harbor reporr card... go to on news ann click maryland state police will be keeping watch... in brand new medevac helicopters.the gency has 11 of them... 10 of which today, governor o'mallee wiil attenddthe unveiling... for brand new choppers will help police transport ttauma patients ,search aad rescue missions, law enforcement, and homeland security. you can purchase a lottof things at hunt valley towne pentre... but never beforr cculd you buy...a vooel. vvwellnow, for the first time ever... the "wheel mobile" is there, getting ready too qualify contestants for the wheel of fortune! joelld. smith is live there this morning tt see how the wheel works, and how you can become &pthe next big wiiner. good morning joel d. 3 -3 3
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you could eaan a spot on ne offamerica's favorite ame you knowwfox45 is the pew homeeof jeopardy ann wheel of fortune.and the wheelmobile ii coming to baltimore.try out for "wweel of ortunn" this valley town hunt penter..and... be sure to fortune airs right after that at -thirty. 3 pitttrooney's mitt romney's campaign s energized after his performance at lass ight's presidential debate.but as jim acosta explaiis... beffre leavinggdenver for the campaign trail... romney conference.
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(nats)mitt romney took his victory lap after the first presidential debate reccivingg connerence of conservativee in denver.i saw the presiddnt's visiio as trickll-down government and i on't think that's what america believes in. i see instead a prosperiiy that comes through freedom. (nats) it didn't take long after he debate was finished for the romney campaign to turn the spin roomminto the win room.(reporter: re ou declaaing victory?)jim, if this was a bbxing match, the reeeree would have called it. after taaing someeknncks from ssme in the gop for spending too much timeein debate prep aaddnot enough at ralliessin swing states, the romney campaign felt vindicated. althoughhromney senior advisee the notion that that the ck on - look, i hink at the of the e day booh the president and governor romney probably put an equal amount oo time up preparing for thhs debate.just two days ago after the
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president oked his own advisers were pushing hhm to &pdo more debate prep.(nats: homework.)obbma camppign - manager jim messina suggested romney had an advantage going into the debbte.governor romney was repared more for thii debate than any president in modern american political history, been preparing since july. he took aa entire week. do that.(nats)iddnt you caa't - the nc released a newwweb video calledd'the smirr' seizing on the presideetts sometimes uncomfortable ody languuge. romney can onll look to thh obama caapaignns own web video to see the president's next line of attackk(nats)democrats are already labeling some of romney's statemmnts like this one on health care outright lies.pre-existing conditions are covered under my plan. well, actualll governor that isn'' what your plan does.looo to romney to return fire at the next debateewith a few new zingers like the one he launched at the president as the prrsident
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youure entitlee to your own plane and your own home but not your oww facts. according to a c-n-n/o-rrc internatiinal survey conducted immediately affer the registered voters who watched the debate said that romney in four said obama was victorrous. former vice president al gore issoffering up his own exxlanationn.. for president obama's debate performance wwdnesday night.hey saas it was the altitude. gore says the prrsident arrived in the mile-high ciiy the day of thh pebate.becaase of that.... hh adjust" to the city's altitudee.. which stretches a coming up on the early edition... a formee morgan state employee arrested. arrested.the tens of thousands of dollarr his accused of ssealing... from the pniversity. 3 ((break 1)) (((ump in)) ((break 1)) 3 the university.stealing... &pfrom accused of stealing... frommthe university. ((break 1)) kw@
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because only america's softest tissue ((bump in)) p(ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reeorter ad libs)) 3 3 3 ad libs))((traffic reporter 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs))
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3 3 3 3 3 ad libs))((traffic reporter &p3 meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reportee ad libs)) 3 3 3- 3 3 3 still to come... facebook hitss a major milestone. milestone.faaebookkhits a still to come... 3 3 3 ad libs))((trrffic reporter 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fibver map bel air map quarrntine
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3 3 3 still to come... facebook hiit p major milestone. the company managed to rrck up onn billion users so quickly. a former morgannstate worker... accused of steallng from tte he allegedly pullld it off... and why investigators beeieve he may have more victims... off- campus. ((break 2))
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3 a former technician at mmrgan state is underrindictment... accused of tealing tens of employer.jeff abell hows us why investigators believe the pheft went far beyond campus. campus. (exterior church) (14:02:44) (auddo) "went down there one day and water pverywhere....." when crisis hit the shepherd pommunityybaptiit hurch two
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years ago.....the ccurch found a savior. bernard recommended to replace the aging heating system ere..... and he couldn't have spoken a betterrlanguagee (14:04:12) "heesaid i m going to do it for you at a working with churches. he said thats where i get my blessings from...." the deal.... (14:05545) "he said i need 14-thousand polllrs up front to get pay for the churches heating - - systee....but when the check left thh church.....the worker vanished too....and deepitt repeatee calls to find him.....the heaaing ystem would never gee reeaired. today....the paator didn't want o be seen....but he did (14:10:12) " was - very painful wwennyou ffel likk a complete idiot. you ay to yourself i'm intelligentt how could i fall or something stupid....?" accordinggto investigators.....bernaadd healthington wasn't even
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licensed o do the work. (15:04:38) abell) "what pernard healthington also failed to ell the pastor is thht heereally was employed investators say, had been who - stealing more than 2000- thousand dollars in property from theeschool....." innicted healthington on a striig of charges......ncludin g felony theft. ssate officials have yet to confirm exactly whht was stolen from morgan state university. but at the nearby for a second heating has paid - systee.....and leaaned a hhrd lesson about dollars and deceit. (14:14:47) "he fooled me completely." jeff abell. the indictment accuses healthingttn of ssealing more than 25-thousand dollars from three seearate off-campus victims. straight ahead... facebook's popularity... hitt a nnw high. high.where moot of the social networking sites new users live. ((break 3))
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barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. it's been a toughhyear for
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facebook. the stock has struggled since its i-p-o.but today, facebook has reason to celebrate: the number of users hit a big milestone.alison kossk has more. 3 mmlestone... more than ooe billion mark zuckerberg announced it this morning, saying it's humbling and by far he thing he's most proud of in his in every 7 people around the world now uses the social media site.and while meebership growth hassslowed in north america and europe. most new users are signing on developing world.the milestone is also impressive because facebook hit it so quickly... it took the company 6 years to hit the 5 hundded million mark, but only 2 years tt double it. despite solid growth, facebook stock is &'s dropped moree than 40 percent since he i-p-o in may. facebookkcouud figured out how to monetize its doottat the compaay is trying to increasee
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its foothold in the mobile also wants to ap into chinaa where the site is now, faccbook is experimenting with a featuue that allows people o "promote" their pictures or moves the posttng to the top of your friends' news feeds... buu there's a'll cost you, typically 7 dollars.only a limited number of users have access to the feature right now.but for ttday, facebook hhs reason to celebrate.i'm alison kosik in new york. credit card uuers are being mmre responsible about paying their bills. billssthe "ammrican ankers associition" finds delinquencies have dropped to their lowess llvel since 20011 the a-b-a says people are saving more and borrooing less while working to pay down debt. mortgage rates fell to a nnw record low.the averagee30-yyar fixed-rate mortgage fell to an all-time low of three-point 36- percent..hat's according to a weekly survey y freedie mac. the fixed-rate 15-year bankers hope the move will ..-
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fuel home buying, which will lead to more spending, and eventually more hiring. airllnes... is fixing wwdespread problemm prrblem.the loose seats thht will be worked on... in dozznn of its bbeing 7--7's. 3
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yoo've never seen it befooe. &phow a bbltimore school s books.

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